Foltène Pharma Treatment Against Hair Loss – Special For Men

An exclusive treatment based on the synergistic action of 3 active ingredients:

Tricosaccaride, Foltene’s patented hair growth booster, special mixture of natural polysaccharides, normalizes the life cycle of hair:

- it promotes hair’s natural growth, strengthens it and prevents hair loss.
- It improves the biological functions of the scalp (blood microcirculation, intra-cellular exchanges), while, at the same time, eliminating waste materials produced by the hair follicle.

The Revitalizing Nourishing Complex, a balanced mixture of amino acids, vitamins (A,B5,C,E,PP) necessary for the health of the hair and the scalp.

Zanthin, a powerful anti-oxidant, extracted from microalgae, has a protective action from aggression of free radicals:

- reduces scalp irritation and prevents ageing of hair bulb.

Important Findings from Foltene:

Clinical trails have proven that FOLTENE PHARMA TREATMENT SERUM:

- Increases the number of hairs in the growth phase (Anagen)
- Decreases the quantity of hair in the fall phase (Telogen)
- Increases the length and the resistance of the hair, giving it youth and vitality


Start using immediately at the first notice of hair weakening or abnormal shedding. Effectively helps reduce hair loss, dandruff, and oily scalp problem, continue usage to assist in hair growth.

Usage tips:
Each box contains 12 serum bottles and allows one month of treatment.
Use 1 bottle every alternate days for 2 months.
Maintain the treatment with 2 bottles per week on the 3rd months onwards.

Application of Foltene Pharma Treatment Serum may cause a localized reddening of the skin (due to the presence of a vasodilator to stimulate blood circulation); this is a normal reaction and it will disappear within a few minutes.

- Avoid contact with the eyes. Should this occur, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water
- Do not apply the product in case of lesions on the scalp

Box Content:

100ml (12 single dose bottles)