Differences Between Men & Women Hair Loss

A person normally loses between 50 and 100 hairs per day. If the loss of hair exceeds the physiological limit, hair begins to thin in certain areas of the scalp. This phenomenon is called alopecia and its causes differ between man and woman:

Hair loss in more than 80% of men are often hereditary and it is passed on genetically. whereas only 30% of women hair loss is hereditary and passed on genetically, the main symptoms leading to hair loss are:

- An excessive loss of hair during washing or brushing.
- thinner and weaker hair.
- thinning areas on the scalp.
- itchy or irritated scalp.

Besides these, aggravating factors in men is such as stress, incorrect diets, precription drugs, frequent dandruff and seborrhoea, long sun exposure weaken the hair and accelerate it’s fall. Aggravating factors in women is such as stress, diets, precription drugs, hormonal unbalance (due to child-birth, breastfeeding and menopause), colourings or perms, long sun exposure weaken the hair and accelerate its fall.

For this very reason Foltène Laboratories developed two different program, and a new hair loss care system divided in three steps (clean, treat and massage), to ensure maximum product efficacy.