Foltène Pharma Eyelash Treatment

Regular use of make-up, external aggressors (pollution,sun), stress, drastic diets, alter the quality of keratin, making eyelashes fragile, damaged and weak. To fight these problems, Foltene developed a real strengthening and restructuring eyelash treatment.

Foltene Pharma Eyelash Treatment strengthens and restructures weak and fragile eyelashes:

- TRICALGOXYL®, polysaccharidic complex of marine origin that effectively stimulates the natural growth of eyelashes.
- Hamamelis Virginiana, hydrates and nourishes the eyelashes, prepares them for make-up and protects them from aggressive agents.


Apply the treatment morning and evening.
From the root to the ends, after removal of make-up.
Apply also on thin and devitalize eyelashes damaged by make-ups.

Thanks to its excellent ocular tolerability, this ophthalmological tested treatment, is ideal also for sensitive eyes and for those wearing contact lenses.

For a longer, fuller, stronger eyelash!

Box Content:

10ml bottle